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1st Meeting: Assen, Netherlands

Par PATRICK NICOLAS, publié le mercredi 2 octobre 2013 18:48 - Mis à jour le jeudi 1 octobre 2015 09:39

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Welcome in Assen, Netherlands!

During this first meeting, we would compare the food habits for the five countries of the project.







From December 8th to 13th, we will be welcome by our Dutch partners of the CS Vincent Van Gogh.

In the months before our meeting:

We  have to work on several topics:

• Prepare PPPs about our school and our city in English language,
• Create a couple of regional recipes in English language,
• Visit a local producer or a farm,
• Obtain more ‘know-how’ about the products we are going to use. (e.g.: visit to the supermarket and do some research regarding the origin of fruits, vegetables or meat.)
• Watch a movie or a documentary that creates awareness (e.g.: "An inconvenient truth”, or: “We feed the world”)
The French team has decided to work about the Quercy farm lamb: Agneau du Quercy, Label Rouge. We have studied the impact on the CO2 production ( from their fields to your plate) compared with lamb from Quercy and lamb from New Zealand.





 local race Caussenarde with a "black pair of glasses".

Do you want to know more?...http://dance-of-life.wigeoma.de/index.php/de/food